Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Course 3, week 1 and 2

I went straight into course 3. (No waiting this time around). The first week we learned several new ways to decorate such as cornelli lace, soto's, and ribbons. AND we started using a little bit of fondant. Exciting stuff!!

The second week we made a fondant cake. I think it turned out really well! I'll have to practice and make more of course. I have to make lots and lots of roses for our final graduation cake. I'm a little freaked out by it...but I'll get it worked out.

Anyway, here is the cake and the rose!

July 4th Cake

Every year, my mom's family has a big family reunion at Grayson Lake. We've been going to this since I was a baby and I have a great time every year! This year I decided I was going to take a 3-tier cake to Grayson.

So here's how it happened. I baked the cakes on Wednesday. I torted and iced the cakes on Thursday and then put them in individual baking boxes. On Friday, we drove home to WV. That evening, I decorated and tiered the cake at Chad's parents house and then put the cake in a big box. It was ready to go.

On Saturday, the cake fell a little bit while travelling....but I have to say that I think it did pretty well. I had to put a couple of finishing touches on the cake while I was setting it up. Not bad for a first try -- and now I've got some experience in transporting cakes... (it travelled about 7 hours altogether in the car).

Course 2

So I took a year's break from cake classes. Things were just to hectic when I was working to continue taking the classes. And then Parker came along and my life was insane. So I finally felt up to taking Course 2 in July 2008. (I told you it was a solid year in between classes).

The first 3 weeks, we learned how to make lots of pretty flowers and borders. We only made one cake during the course and it was on our graduation night.

Course 1, Week 4

Ok --- it's graduation night! We made lots of pretty roses! And then...I put mine in the bakery box, shut the lid (as most people would), and drove home. When I opened the box to take the cake out, I found that I had squished the roses...so if they look a little squished...you know why. I am going to continue to chalk it up to learning!

Course 1, Week 3

This week we made clown cakes. They were cute! I think the clown laying down (sorry, I didn't mean for that to rhyme), is a little puny. But oh well, I was learning!

Course 1, week 2

Ok so here is my first cake class cake! I think the ones I did on my own were better!! You might have noticed that half of the cake is missing! On the way into the classroom, I dropped the cake. Being a good sport, I salvaged what I could and decorated it anyway. However, I have to say that this is definitely a typical "Celeste" move. By that I mean dropping the cake, of course!

Course 1

For years, I have wanted to take the cake classes that Michaels offers. I just never had the time because I was always working. Well -- in June 2007, I decided that I was making time and taking the 1st cake class. It was great! I learned lots of things! I think what I really learned was the correct way to make stars and shells, etc. Because you have to remember, I was decorating cakes all my own before I even started the classes.

Anyway, I learned a ton and loved it! Here are the cakes I made during the 1st cake class!
So that you will understand, Cake Class 1 actually has 4 weeks worth of classes. The first week, we didn't make a cake. So you will be seeing photo's from week 2, 3, and 4 in just a minute!!

Before Cake Class

So-- as many of you know... I've been interested in making cakes for a long time! For the past several years, my family and friends have been giving me cake paraphernalia for birthday and Christmas presents! I've enjoyed all of the presents -- they have really come in handy!

Here are some pictures of some cakes that I made before cake classes!

Ok -- so these are the only ones I can find. I have searched high and low on both of our computers and on both camera's. For some reason the castle cake that I made in 2006 is no where to be found. Oh well.. what can you do?

LOL and Chad says that I've gotten much better. He thinks the purple flowers look like big purple blobs. HA. Thanks honey!!