Saturday, May 19, 2012

Buttercream Camo Tutorial

Here's the link to the camo tutorial that I used.  Cake Central Buttercream camo tutorial.
I decided to create a new tutorial because I used different camo colors, a different method of smoothing buttercream, and showed the final picture of the cake at the end.Good luck and have fun!

1. Pick out the colors that you are going to use. I used two shades of a brown, green, black, stone, and a mustard(ish) color.

 2. Crumb coat your cake!

3. Take some round cake (I used #6). Pipe the camo pattern that you want. Let the buttercream crust for a few minutes.

4.  Take a VIVA paper towel and then smooth the buttercream with your hand over the paper towel. You will have to press firmly, but not too hard. Then pull the paper towel up, check and make sure that it's smooth. If it is smooth, continue piping the pattern. If it's not smooth, continue smoothing with your paper towel and hand. (I use VIVA paper towels because there is no pattern indented on the towel, giving it the smooth finish).

5. View of camo print. You're ready to put the border on!

6. Pipe the message, add toys, and deliver your cake!

Thursday, May 3, 2012