Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 4th Cake

Every year, my mom's family has a big family reunion at Grayson Lake. We've been going to this since I was a baby and I have a great time every year! This year I decided I was going to take a 3-tier cake to Grayson.

So here's how it happened. I baked the cakes on Wednesday. I torted and iced the cakes on Thursday and then put them in individual baking boxes. On Friday, we drove home to WV. That evening, I decorated and tiered the cake at Chad's parents house and then put the cake in a big box. It was ready to go.

On Saturday, the cake fell a little bit while travelling....but I have to say that I think it did pretty well. I had to put a couple of finishing touches on the cake while I was setting it up. Not bad for a first try -- and now I've got some experience in transporting cakes... (it travelled about 7 hours altogether in the car).

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