Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've been asked to teach a cake class for church in January. Well, I don't know about your location, but it's pretty cold where I am. So I thought that a little penguin cake would be cute and certainly suit the weather. To make a long story short, I decided penguins get cold too (and that they needed some accessories). Enjoy! The penguins are all made out of fondant!

So they are all separate little penguin families.

(You can determine who belongs to who by the color of their outfit).

Mr. Green is carrying a blanket. Mrs. Green has a bottle in her hand. They have two baby penguins. One has "Baby" written on his bib. The other is wearing a bib & has a pacifier in his hand.

Mr. Red is wearing a bow-tie and some gloves. His teenage son has a punk hairstyle.

Mrs. Blue is wearing a hat and scarf. Her MIL is wearing a blue & yellow necklace. Her daughter is wearing a corsage w/matching shoes.

This is a picture with igloo and the cake all put together!!

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