Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Perry the Platypus Cookie Tutorial

First I would like to thank Heather's Cookie Creations! I loved her Perry the Platypus cookies and decided to recreate one of her cookies. And in doing so, I made a tutorial for others to follow as well. So here goes...
The finished product! I thought you should see what you are getting into!
Start with a plain cookie! I didn't want to hand cut all the cookies, so I used an Easter egg cutter.
Outline the cookie cutter with a foodsafe marker. For the legs, I used a clean thumbtack to scratch the image into the cookie. The marker lines were too thick.
Outline the marker with royal icing.
Add the tail line, other eye, feet lines, and the mouth line.
Add perry's royal icing color.
Add yellow royal icing to the beak, tail, and feet. Add hair and tail pattern in black royal icing.
Add white for the eyes and then black for the eyeballs later. And you are done!

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