Saturday, November 9, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cookie Tutorial

I bought the cookie cutter from WarpZone. Here's a direct link to the TMNT cookie cutter that goes along with this tutorial. TMNT cookie cutter

Well, it's finally here! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Cookie Tutorial that I have been meaning to post for about a month. First we moved, and then we had to move again. (And moving two times in two weeks, just really wore me out). I'm starting to get some energy back and so here is the tutorial that I know some of you have been waiting for. Enjoy!

 Here are all the Americolor gel colors that I used on my cookies. The color on the bottom row, in the middle, is pink.

I decided to break off the tail of the mask. I knew that it would break off in the cookie bags. So I decided to go without. Although, they are super cute with the tail.

To get started, outline the face, the mask, and the eyes.

 Now outline the mouth in black. 

Choose your color for the mask and fill the mask in. 

You are ready to flood your cookie with green royal icing. After that, fill in the white for the eyes. Remember to let the white dry for several hours. Then fill in the black for the eyes. And don't forget to add a little black mark under the eyes and to the side. That mark is important because it helps define the turtles face.

So I decided that I didn't like the mouth that I put on the turtles earlier, so I filled the mouth in with green and just did my own little mouth. It doesn't look quite as ninja turtley, but that's ok. They served their purpose well in Kindergarten.

Yummy cookies for yummy kids!


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I have been asked to do some of these and am scouring sites and blogs looking for tips. Thanks for the great tutorial. I do have one question, though about why you chose to flood over the outline of the mouth that you did before flooding. Just wondering what issues arose that would be good for me to be aware of. Thanks and they look so cute!