Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pokemon Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Here's a little Pokemon cookie Tutorial - if you are looking to make some!

So let's get the tutorial started!!

Start by outlining half of the cookie in red.

Flood the red outline with red royal icing. Let it dry about 10-12 hours. And then pipe the white outline.

Flood the white outline with white royal icing.

Pipe a little black circle of royal icing where the red and white royal icing meet. Let the circle dry for a few minutes. Then you can pipe on the "propellers". That's what I kept thinking of when I was piping them.

The outline of propellers and the circle. When they have dried a little bit, fill them in!

Fill the outline in with black royal icing. Make sure that you let the black circle outline dry for 10-12 hours.

Fill in the little circle with white royal icing.

And they are finished! 

Thanks for looking!!

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