Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Agbay

I asked my dad to get me an Agbay for Christmas 2008 and he did! I've just been slow posting pictures apparently! Anyway, here it is!

For those of you that don't know, an Agbay torts cakes perfectly! While it's expensive, it's worth it! The one I have can fit multiple blades. Now you can buy the basic Agbay and add another blade to it. That wasn't available when we got mine...or we probably would have gotten that one. But it's great. I can add up to 12 blades to this one. It's called the "Agbay Deluxe".

The Agbay with both blades showing!

My cake before torting!

My cake during the torting process! (Excuse the PVC pipe that is covering the other blade. Safety comes first! That is the actual protective covering that it comes with).

The torted cake. I set the Agbay for one inch or less.

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Michel-lee said...

I just found out about this today from another blogging site. So you have one...pretty cool. I checked out the site and they are a bit expensive. I would love to have one but right now I'll stick to my crappy Wilton cake leveler.