Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding Cookies

I decided it was time to do two things! First, make some wedding cookies. Second, make some cookies with fondant on top. So these cookies are not the usual Royal Icing. They are sugar cookies decorated with fondant and then the top part is decorated with Royal Icing.

So here's the deal, I think the fondant looks really nice and clean on the cookie...but I didn't really like the taste of the cookie and the fondant together. But that's just me. Parker would eat them all day if I would let him. He kept begging for more.

Polka Dot Wedding Dress cookies

Cornelli Lace Wedding Dress cookies

Wedding cake cookies (Sorry - these didn't turn out the greatest. The cookies kept ripping and then the fondant was stretching. So they just turned out ok for me).


Michel-lee said...

Those are beautiful. I've always wondered if fondant tasted good on sugar cookies. Now I know. It does give them a clean look.

Traci said...

Celeste -- I am also a cake decorating hobbyist but nowhere near as good as you. I agree that fondant tastes yucky, too.

Check this out: (No, I didn't make it, but it's definitely inspirational)

Traci said...

Okay that link is broke so try this instead:

Celeste said...

Hey Traci! I know that you are talented! I saw your cake at the RS function last March! It was so beautiful!!

That cake was pretty cool, btw!