Monday, January 13, 2014

Frosted chocolate chip cookies!

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

These are one of of my favorite cookies to make for several reasons:

1. They are quick and easy. It's a cookie cake. You don't have to deal with rolling 3 dozen cookies, baking 3 dozen cookies, and then cooling and bagging 3 dozen cookies.
2. They are all the exact same size, every time, thanks to a cookie cutter.
3. They turn out beautiful every time!
4. They are delicious!

Bake your cookie cake! Let it cool and then start cutting out your cookies with a cookie cutter.

Two sizes of cookies: small and medium.

Make a circle of frosting. I start by piping to the left then down and around and back up. I then start on the second layer of frosting. (But I stopped to show you how I pipe the frosting). I piped these cookies using tip 1M.

Go ahead and make the swirl to the left again and then go around and stop piping. You now have a pretty cookie!

And now your cookies are ready to go!

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