Friday, January 24, 2014

Princess Belle Cookies and Tutorial

My niece turned 6! Belle is one of her favorite princesses. So we thought we should make some Princess Belle cookies and shoes.

So now let's get started with the tutorial!

Rolling out the dough on my dobord!
Cutting out the dough with our chosen cookie cutters!
Bake those cookies! And then outline them with a thick royal icing!
Flood your cookies with thin royal icing!
Plan where you want your flounces to go. (I marked mine with a red edible food marker. It made it so much easier to know where to pipe). Also, use the same royal icing that you used to pipe the original outline, for the flounces.
Add your first row of flounce.
Add your second row of flounce and then after that dries, go back and put a button dot on top to make it look  nicer.
Belle dresses and shoes...
Bagged, tagged, and ready to mail to my sweet niece, Hailey!

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