Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heat seal cookie bag tutorial

So I have always wanted a heat sealer for sealing cookie bags - but have you looked at the prices? They are like $150 and up!

So I started looking on the internet and found that some people use hair straighteners to seal their cookie bags. Well, let's face it, although I don't straighten my hair very often, I'm not about to use my hair straightener on cookie bags and then on my hair. So life went on...and then I found a great deal on a hair straightener. And I KNEW that I HAD to have it!

Yep, I got it for $9.00. And it was regularly $34.98. Let the cookie bag sealing begin!

But then I realized that although people talk (well write really) about sealing their cookie bags. I didn't know the details about how long to seal it, etc.

And so without further ado, I bring you a VERY short tutorial on heat sealing your cookie bags!

1. Preheat your straightener. Keep it on the LOWEST setting.  2. Bag your cookie. 3. Put the top of the cookie bag into the straightener. (I put a little less than an inch in). Press down and hold for 5 seconds. Take the straightener off and your cookie bag is sealed shut.

Add your tag and staple it shut. I will try to post my cookie card-stock template on this page as well. It's a microsoft word document.
Thanks for looking!

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