Thursday, August 21, 2014

Emergency royal icing cookie fix

So when I was making these life jacket cookies, I just outlined the cookie and then flooded it. I totally forgot that I was supposed to pipe one side of the cookie vest and let it dry, and then pipe the other side of the cookie vest, to form the line down the center of the cookie where the life jacket connects.

So because I forgot, I had to figure out how fix it. Here are some emergency cookie fixes, in case you ever need them.

Left to right: cookie A, B, C

Cookie A: As you can see, I piped a line down the center to form the two sides of the life jacket. 

Cookie B: I let the cookie dry a little bit and then I used floss and imprinted the line into the royal icing. 

Cookie C: I had one cookie left that I didn't pipe wrong. So I actually piped this guy the right way. I outlined the vest. Piped the right side. Let it dry a little bit. And then piped the left side. So it formed the correct line that I needed. 

Hope this helps!!

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